15th August 2015 Chloe Morris

TIP II How to create a tasteful but still slightly naughty dining experience

50 Shades of Grey
How to create a tasteful but still slightly naughty dining experience

From your local hardware store:

– zip ties
– masking tape
– rope (thickness of choice)
– black light
– red light bulbs

For the softer touch

– black velvet cloth
– gold and black silk fabric
– red / black candles
– blindfolds
– peacock feather

The added bonus

– envelopes containing a contract sealed with a wax stamp
– extract of the book printed out and burnt around the edges
– black and white body photography

Now, you can use all of these if you want, but pick and choose what you like and also consider the size of room that you are working with.

It’s time to get creative! Cut strips of silk for additional blindfolds that can also be used to tie hands together, give your guests a little room to play and explore.

For the table, place a black table cloth down, add candle holders of all different shapes and sizes around the middle, this should be simple and elegant (remember what Christian Grey’s apartment looked like). And then improvise, add zip ties here and there along with rope knots that can be places between your candle holders. Have elements on the table that guests can taste, touch, drink etc. This will never leave a silent moment during your dinner, as guests will be continuously stimulated.

The perfect decor will come to life through the lighting in the room and the background music. All the small touches around the room that will grasp people’s attention is what will make it a truly unforgettable experience. Replace your lightbulbs with some red ones and dim the lights right down, light some candles around the room, and see how it all comes together. You want your guests to be playful and interact with each other. Make it a discovery, allow them to look around the room and come across something new every time they turn their head. Be it a certain book, light coming through a cupboard door, a picture on the wall, or a paintbrush replacing their dessert spoon.

For the music, choose something sexy, something that is not repetitive, but rather, even makes you tingle inside.

Something like this works on me : How does it Feel Now by Akua Naru