21st April 2015 Chloe Morris

TALK II Food & Religion

Tuesday 21st April 2014, 6:30pm for 7:00pm start
For the first in our new series of Culinary Salons by foodie experts Caroline Hobkinson and Chloé Morris we will have a close look at religious taboos in food bringing you three controversial bites:

The suckling pig, The Body of Christ, & a human blood sausage which will be presented by:


The rabbi, the Priest, the Imam and the Cannibal


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Shoreditch Bites is a culinary salon and creative platform which celebrates the ideas and stories behind food and drink.

We want to challenge your preconceptions around food related taboos and better understand their origins and meanings.

We bring together people from different industries and backgrounds – chefs, rabbis, imams, priests, cannibals, midwives, anorexics, farmers, politicians and mothers– to look at food from a fresh perspective.