23rd December 2016 Chloe Morris

RECIPE II Edible Stories Braised Short Beef Rib in Ron Zacapa Reserva

From the whole team at Edible Stories, thank you for indulging in our many stories to date. Since we started creating events in 2012, we have grown, travelled and hopefully conquered the appetites of many, including yours!

Our events this year range from a Tuscan feast set under a flowering canopy complete with chirping crickets to a futuristic dinner with robot bar staff, a Haitian beach club charity event to a living comic book showcasing the works of Sarnath Banerjee, an underwater gin tasting to a magical secret garden set in the woodlands of the New Forests. (to name only a few)

We love to work with both corporate and private client events that tell a story. If we haven’t already, we hope to bring yours to the plate in the 2017. May it be scrumptious!

Have a delicious Christmas and a mouth-watering New Year.

In anticipation of all the end of year festivities, we have gifted you with one of our favourite winter recipes. 

Edible Stories Braised Short Beef Rib in Ron Zacapa Reserva


1kg short beef rib
300 mls of Ron Zacapa Reserva
200 mls of water
700 mls of red wine
500 gms of carrots, sliced
500 gms of white onions, sliced
4 bay leaves, whole
1 tbs salt
1 ts cinnamon

Step one
Ask your butcher for a three inch cut short rib cut, also know as the Jacobs ladder.
Make up your Zacapa Reserva marinade, for 1 kilogram of meat – mix 300 milliliters of the rum with 200 milliliters of water, a table spoon of salt and tea spoon of cinnamon. Take your whole piece of beef and place it in a deep tray with the marinade, ensuring the fat side of the meat is face down in the marinade. Cover with cling film (to make air tight), then leave it in the fridge for 48 hours.

Step two
After the marinade has soaked into the meat, drain the left over marinade into a deep baking tray add 700 milliliters of red wine, four bay leaves, 500 grams of sliced carrots and 500 grams of sliced white onions. Then place the beef bone side up to ensure the meat is in your rich revamped marinade. Cover with foil (double layered) again ensuring it is air tight. Place it in the oven at 130 degrees and leave for 7 hours to braise slowly.

Step three
After the braising, carefully take the foil off and drain the juices passing your well cooked vegetables through a sieve giving you your rich Zacapa Reserva sauce. Cut your beef into the desired portions – which should be so succulent and tender the bones should be falling off the meat.

To accompany the dish, we suggest you prepare roasted root vegetables.

Added bonus: We added hay to the dish and gave our guests a candle. They were asked to light the hay on fire in order to create a memorable ritual. This will also add a nice smokey flavour to your dish.

Background: We created this recipe for the Ron Zacapa 23 launch back in 2014. It was such a delicious and memorable dish, that this year we decided it was time to share it with all of you.

Now go enjoy these wonderfully rich flavours!