5th April 2017 Chloe Morris


This weekend we went to Four Winters in Notting Hill and had a Liquid Nitrogen Knafeh Ice Cream, yummmm! It was so good and even had the right toppings. That inspired us to a put together a little edit of our top three ice cream projects from some of our favourite designers. Enjoy!


We met Giapo at the International Food Design Conference. He had a pop up shop in town and hosted a workshop, which we of course attended.

A little more about Giapo :

If you’re like me and most of my customers, you’re an imaginative ice cream lover.  During these years running the kitchen at Giapo I saw that Ice Cream had the potential to be more expressive and  gastronomical than what it had been so far. In my mind ice cream had to carry a different narrative.  It goes without saying that ice cream is the most popular dessert food in the world and it did not sound right that ice cream had always been looking pretty much the same on cones, cups and sticks.

I focused my kitchen work on mashing up ideas from all the humanities including technology, art and science. I am currently doing scientific researches with AUT and Otago University. I run a blog where I write about my kitchen observations and I am the co-author of a few published peer reviewed papers.

Giapo Chirstchurch Hazelnut, Giapo Peach

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We had the pleasure of sampling one of Charlie’s ice creams at the Experimental Food Society Showcase. The flavours are mouthwatering (for full list click links below, these are just some of our favourites): Salted Caramel Cookie, Dark Port & Stilton, Chocolate Popping Candy, Raspberry Mojito, Wasabi & Honey, Cherry Brandy Pie, and Dulce de Leche Praline Pecan. The great thing about Charlie is that there is no limit to his creativity! Check out his website to see what else this mad hatter has come up with.

A little more about Charlie:

Charlie grew up on an ice cream farm in South Wales and has a long history of inventing weird and wonderful machines that go bing and bosh and blip.  He set up Lick Me I’m Delicious in 2011 building the first Nitro Parlour in his living room, then he build the nitro buggy, then the edible mist orbs, then a corby trouser press toasty maker, floss whizzers, electric tea cups and all sorts of bits and pieces. He’s happiest when holding a screwdriver and a fork.  

Charlie has also worked on some TV shows, gives talks, makes soup in washing machines and likes to sleep under trees. 

NITRO PODS, PARLOUR, AND BUGGY  (source personal website)

He has invented machines for all sorts of things including ice cream. The links above are specifically for his ice cream creations.

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THE AROUSAL (source personal website)

Commissioned by one of our VIP clients, each ball of ice cream contains 25mgs of viagra and is flavoured with bubbly champagne.  We aren’t able to reveal the identity of the client, but they reported back that they were ‘very happy with the end result’.


GLOW IN THE DARK ICE CREAM (source personal website)

Working with a group of very clever scientists, we developed the World’s first glow in the dark ice cream made with synthesised jellyfish luminescence which cause the ice cream to glow as you lick it.  At £140 a scoop it is also one of the most expensive ice creams every produced.  Click to watch Charlie explain it all to a very confused ABC news anchor.


EMILIE BALTZ’S LICKESTRA (source personal website)

We met Giapo at the International Food Design Conference, where she was a keynote speaker and also presented her project that she created for the Museum of Sex in New York for a local news channel. When we came across this project we had a massive smile on our face.

More about the project:

Lickestra is a musical licking performance at the intersection of food design and smart objects developed in collaboration with smart object designer Carla Dianaand composer Arone Dyer of Buke&Gase.

Playing with the experience from tongue to taste, the performance presents a series of conductive ice creams that trigger various baselines and tones when licked.

From improvisation to orchestration, eater becomes performer as the primitive act of licking reaches beyond flavor perception to become an instrument for play.

Lickestra lasts until all the ice cream is licked.

(you need sound to watch this video)

(Edible Stories created this edit, but all images and designer descriptions are from their personal websites)